EAA’s Bookkeeping Course delivers essential bookkeeping and accounting principles for beginners and those looking to enhance financial management skills. The curriculum covers journalizing transactions, posting to ledgers, preparing trial balances, income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, ensuring accurate and comprehensive financial records. This course provides a robust foundation in understanding and applying key financial concepts.

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Included in this bookkeeping course

  • Introduction to Bookkeeping
  • The Accounting Equation and the Double Entry Bookkeeping System
  • Journalizing
  • Posting Transactions
  • Prepare The Trial Balance
  • Working Paper Preparation and Closing Entries
  • The Income Statement
  • The Balance Sheet
  • The Cash Flow Statement


EAA’s Bookkeeping Course provides a foundational understanding of bookkeeping and accounting principles, ideal for beginners and those looking to enhance their financial management skills.

The course covers the importance of bookkeeping, the accounting equation, and the double-entry system ensuring precise financial records. Students will master journalizing transactions, posting to ledger accounts, and compiling trial balances to check account accuracy.

The curriculum includes preparing working papers and closing entries, crafting income statements to assess profitability, and creating balance sheets for a financial snapshot. Additionally, the course explains the significance and preparation of cash flow statements, detailing cash inflows and outflows.

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