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Now bundled with Payroll Preparation & Administration, Income Taxation in the Philippines Financial Analysis, and Quickbooks modules.

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Embark on a journey to master bookkeeping with our tailored self-paced bookkeeping course plans, offering the flexibility to learn at your own pace, on your schedule and according to your specific learning needs and goals.



Starter Package

Ideal for beginners or those new to Bookkeeping
/ one year
  • Access to Basic Modules covering fundamental bookkeeping concepts
  • Introduction to Bookkeeping
  • The Accounting Equation and the Double Entry Bookkeeping System
  • Journalizing
  • Posting Transactions
  • Prepare The Trial Balance
  • Working Paper Preparation and Closing Entries
  • The Income Statement
  • The Balance Sheet
  • The Cash Flow Statement


Expert Package

Tailored for Individuals seeking comprehensive mastery over Bookkeeping and Financial Management
/ one year
  • Includes everything in the Professional Package
  • Payroll Preparation and Administration
  • Introduction to payroll
  • Understanding payroll legislation
  • The payroll process
  • The payroll administration
  • Income Taxation in the Philippines
  • Introduction to income taxation in the Philippines
  • Taxable entities explained
  • Withholding tax on compensation
  • Final withholding taxes
  • Expanded withholding tax
  • Value added tax (VAT)
  • Percentage taxes
  • Documentary stamp tax
  • Income tax
  • Local business tax
  • Accounting systems
  • Automating spreadsheets
  • Basics of Quickbooks accounting


Professional Package

Ideal for those with a basic understanding of Bookkeeping
/ one year
  • Includes everything in the starter package
  • Financial Analysis
  • Introduction to Financial Analysis
  • Review on the Financial Statements
  • Financial Analysis
  • Investment Analysis
  • Performing Analysis and Interpreting the Results
  • Practice Set
  • Bookkeeping Best Practices
  • PLUS: A choice of either Payroll Preparation and Administration or Income Taxation in the Philippines

Beyond Learning

Our programs are specially designed to equip you with the skills you need in any business environment.

Through EAA's competency based courses, we revolutionize the way you can master Bookkeeping, Payroll Preparation and Administration, Financial Analysis, Philippine Income Taxation and Quickbooks.



In response to the time and flexibility constraints our students have persistently brought to our attention, you now benefit from a meticulously curated content of an online self-paced bookkeeping course tailored to meet your needs. 


An assessment follows each module that the learner has to answer fully with a perfect score. This is our way of assessing that the lessons are understood. There is no limit to the number of attempts to the assessments until you get the perfect score!

Full tuition, which amounts to the plan you have chosen, must be paid in full before you are granted access to the course materials.


Please prepare the following:
1. Photocopy of your Transcript of Records or Form 137
2. Photocopy of Diploma
3. Photocopy of your Birth Certificate
4. 4 pcs passport size picture.

After successfully completing all examinations and the EAA portfolio, your EAA diploma will be issued to you.


Yes, online scheduled meetings  are conducted from time to time to check in with students and for the students to ask any questions they may have.



 If you need extra assistance, we offer one-on-one tutorials. Please note that these come with additional fees.




You are eligible to take the TESDA NC-3 exam once you have received your EAA diploma. Be aware that there will be a separate fee for the exam, which will be collected prior to the examination date.




Whether you are just starting out, running a business, or simply intrigued by the world of finance, you are in the right place to understand the bedrock of accounting practices.

No prior knowledge is required. The course starts with the fundamentals and progresses to more advanced concepts.




Please refer to our terms and conditions for information on our refund policy. It’s important to review these terms before enrolling in the course.




You have a year to finish the course. This allows you to review the content and reinforce your learning within the period.


For more information on registering for one-on-one tutorials, please contact our support team at and they will guide you through the booking and payment process.

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