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Personal Income Tax Preparation: A Masterclass

A 2-day online workshop, covering 2 hours per day, on personal income tax regulations and computation.



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Explore the basics of personal income tax preparation!

Did you know that the BIR can run after your personal assets to satisfy your lacking personal income tax obligation?

It is essential to understand the fundamentals to effectively manage your tax obligations. This includes learning about the various taxable income sources, deductions, credits, the necessary documentation needed for accurate filing and the difference between using Regular Standard Deductions and Optional Standard Deductions (OSD).

Learning these basics can give you the knowledge and confidence to navigate the tax preparation process with ease and compliance.



Personal Income Tax Return Preparation

Do you ever wonder why there are so many income tax forms?

Are you confused with what is the applicable income tax form to use for your personal filing?

Worry no more because in this webinar workshop you will be guided by a Certified Public Accountant on how to choose the right forms to use and how to fill them up, where the data for each line item is going to come from and what techniques you can use to easily track what needs to be reported.

Course Objective

Personal Income Tax: A Masterclass

Gain a comprehensive understanding of personal income tax preparation, covering essential topics such as taxable income sources, deductions, tax credits, and compliance requirements.

By the end of the course, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to proficiently manage personal tax obligations.

This knowledge can be used either for individual tax preparation or in pursuit of a career in the field of tax filing.

With a focus on practical application, participants will emerge with the confidence to navigate the complexities of tax preparation and maximize benefits within legal parameters.

Understanding the Basics of Personal Income Tax

1. Exploring different taxable sources of income
2. Identifying deductible expenses and credits
3. Introduction to tax forms and documentation requirements

Maximizing Tax Benefits and Planning Strategies

1. Identifying strategies to optimize tax benefits
2.Planning for future tax implications and financial decisions
3. Tax-efficient investment and retirement planning

Navigating Tax Laws and Regulations

1. Overview of tax laws impacting individual taxpayers
2. Understanding recent changes using the CREATE LAW and other updates
3. Compliance requirements and best practices

Ethical Considerations and Professional Standards

1. Understanding ethical responsibilities in tax preparation
2. Upholding professional standards and client confidentiality
3. Handling sensitive tax matters with integrity and professionalism

Practical Application and Case Studies

1. Hands-on exercises to apply tax preparation principles
2. Analysis of case studies to identify tax implications
3. Addressing common tax scenarios and problem-solving strategies

Interactive Q&A and Certification Examination

1. Interactive session for participant questions and discussions
2. Certification examination to assess comprehension and proficiency
3. Recap of key takeaways and resources for ongoing support

Course Benefits

☑️ Practical Tax Knowledge: Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of personal income tax laws, regulations, and filing requirements, enabling them to prepare and manage their taxes effectively.

☑️ Hands-On Experience: The course includes practical exercises and case studies to provide participants with hands-on experience in completing tax forms, understanding deductions, and maximizing tax benefits.

☑️ Financial Empowerment: Attendees will gain the confidence and skills to take control of their personal finances, make informed tax-related decisions, and optimize their tax returns.

☑️ Professional Development: Accounting professionals, financial planners, and individuals seeking employment in tax preparation will benefit from enhancing their knowledge and expertise in personal income tax preparation.

☑️ Time and Cost Savings: Participants will learn strategies to streamline the tax preparation process, potentially saving time and reducing the costs associated with engaging professional tax preparers.



Target Participants

This 2-day course is designed for individuals who want to enhance their understanding of personal income tax preparation, including taxpayers looking to manage their own taxes, accounting professionals, financial advisors, and anyone seeking practical knowledge and skills to navigate personal tax obligations.


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Personal Income Tax Preparation: A Masterclass

Advanced Strategies in Personal Income Tax Preparation

Enhancing Your Tax Comprehension

Elevate your comprehension in tax preparation with the Personal Income Tax Preparation Masterclass. Participants will delve into advanced tax-saving strategies, deductions, and credits to optimize tax benefits. Through interactive discussions and practical case studies, attendees will learn to identify opportunities for minimizing tax liabilities while maximizing savings.

This webinar is tailored for individuals seeking to enhance their proficiency in personal income tax planning and gain a competitive edge in financial management.

Preparing Your Personal Income Tax Made Easy

Discover simplified techniques and expert guidance to make preparing your personal income tax a stress-free and efficient process.


Flexible Payment Option

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3,000 Full Payment
Most Popular

Early Bird Until December 15

2,500 Full Payment



This short course can be taken online. All instructions are delivered on a full online basis. 

Instructor led sessions are done via zoom while self paced programs are delivered via the Google platform.

An instructor led course takes approximately five (2) days to complete, 2 hours every session.

You can choose between a discounted fee or a regular fee. The fees are as follows:
For Early Bird Payment: Php 2,500
For Regular (after the early bird deadline) : Php 3,000

Please prepare the following:
1. Photocopy of your Company I.D. (if employed)
2. Photocopy of Government issued ID if self-employed