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Basic Bookkeeping & Accounting Custom Tailored Training

Course Description

Our Basic Accounting & Bookkeeping custom tailored training is designed to equip employees with foundational knowledge and skills in financial recording and management. Through interactive sessions, practical exercises, and customized content that aligns with your company’s specific needs, participants will learn essential accounting principles, the intricacies of bookkeeping, and how to maintain accurate financial records.


Intended Participants

This training is ideal for small business owners, administrative staff, new accounting department recruits, and any employee who handles financial transactions or requires a basic understanding of accounting practices for their role.


When to take this training?

By investing in Basic Accounting & Bookkeeping custom tailored training, your company is effectively ensuring that employees managing financial transactions and records are competent, confident, and compliant with best practices, contributing to the overall financial health and success of the business.

Onboarding New Staff

When new employees who will deal with financial processes are hired, this training will provide them with the necessary knowledge to perform their roles effectively.

Transitioning Roles

If current employees are transitioning to roles that involve financial responsibilities, this training will help them acquire the requisite accounting skills.

Annual Refresher Courses

To ensure that all employees are up-to-date with the latest accounting practices and regulations.

Preparation for Growth

As the company scales, employees may need to take on more complex financial tasks, making this training crucial for their development.

Post-Implementation of New Accounting Software

If your company has recently introduced new accounting software, employees can greatly benefit from training that helps them understand the accounting principles underpinning the software's functions.

Benefits of taking this training?

Improved Accuracy

Employees will learn how to properly document and manage financial transactions, leading to more accurate financial statements and data.


Understanding fundamental accounting principles aids in adhering to financial regulations and avoiding potential legal issues related to financial mismanagement.

Better Decision-Making

Knowledgeable employees can provide more accurate financial reports, leading to better-informed decisions at every level of the organization.

Increased Efficiency

Proficiency in bookkeeping procedures ensures more streamlined and efficient handling of accounts, saving time and reducing errors.

Enhanced Understanding

Employees gain a better understanding of the financial workings of the company, which can foster a more cohesive and strategic approach to business operations.

Financial Oversight

Even non-accounting staff will be better equipped to notice irregularities or inefficiencies and take preemptive action or inform the necessary personnel.

Career Advancement

For individual employees, the skills acquired can pave the way for professional growth and promotional opportunities within the company.

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