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Income Tax

Income Tax

This series will prime all participants in understanding the reasons related taxes that might affect our income and the business, individuals, corporations and partnerships they might belong to. It is constantly updated to reflect the latest tax development.


Next Schedule: 18 December 2015

Max number of participants: 15

Why take it online?
  • Attend the class at the comfort of your home
  • Recorded Online Sessions
  • Join the class anywhere you are
  • Convenient training without the hassle of traveling


Next Schedule: TBA

Max number of participants: 25

Student Program

  • High School / College Level / Post Graduate
  • Based on school curriculum
  • Flexible schedules
  • Anything and everything about taxation, finance & accounting
  • Available on online or classroom type

Business Program

  • One-on-one Sessions
  • Customized
  • Flexible schedule
  • Industry-specific
  • Basic to advanced levels
  • Tailor fit to your career or company requirements
  • Available on online or classroom type

Entrepreneurs Program

  • Lesson plan and exercises will be constructed based on your needs
  • Industry-specific
  • Basic to advanced levels
  • Tailor fit to your career or company requirements
  • Recommended for entrepreneurs, new business owners or basically any individual who has no background in accounting but is faced with accounting and finance tasks.

Next Schedule: TBA

Max number of participants: 15

What is Onsite Training?

Onsite training or in-house training is defined as any training that is held in company premises in order to educate, develop or improve employees’ skills. This involves all technical and soft skills courses that serve for this purpose.

What are the advantages of Onsite Training over Public Run trainings?
  • Save time and travel costs
  • Customize content to your specific needs
  • Increased price savings as the group gets larger
  • Schedule at your convenience
  • Facilitator can discuss your specific requirement
  • More comfortable learning environment
  • Promote teamwork & camaraderie among workers
  • Employees remain on site in case of an emergency
  • Problems can be openly discussed
  • Protect company privacy


Next Schedule: TBA

Max number of participants: 25

Topics Covered

Individual Income Tax Returns
  • Income Tax Rates on Individual Citizen and
  • Individual Resident Alien of the Philippines.
  • Kinds of Individual income tax payers and their classification
  • Rate of Tax on a passive Income.
  • Allowable deduction and exemptions
  • Individual Tax vs. Corporate
Corporate income tax, myths, facts and challenges
  • Nature of Corporation (what really is a corporation and its distinction to the other business forms)
  • Corporation tax rate (by classification)
  • Domestic, Foreign and Proprietary Educational Institution.
  • Tax computations (deductions and tax exemptions on corporations)
  • Deductions (Itemized, Optional standard, Special deductions
  • Tax remedies
Sales Taxes & Business Taxes (VAT, Percentage Tax)
  • Income taxes, Local tax, withholding tax, fringe benefits
  • Knowing value added tax and computations.
  • Local Business tax
  • Nature of percentage tax computations
  • VAT registrations and exemptions
  • Revenue regulations

Completing the 2550M, 2550Q and 2551M and Filing and completing 1601F & 1603
  • Computations and reconciliations of 2550M (monthly VAT declaration)
  • Computations and reconciliations of 2550Q (quarterly report) Accomplished by deduction of the Input from output vat in result to the VAT payable
  • Computations and reconciliations of 2551M (monthly percentage tax)
  • Computations and reconciliations 1601F & 1603
  • Filling up the BIR forms. (Filing the appropriate form based on the computed figures.)

Learning Outcome

  • Tax rates and tax base
  • Treatments and tax implications
  • Principle tax rates and on individual income tax and withholding taxes.

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