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E-learning Has Taken Bookkeeping Globally

8 years and growing, Entrepreneurs Accounting Academy has introduced its online Bookkeeping Courses to students residing abroad bringing convenience to full time professionals.

Makati, Philippines - Mr. Culver Songalia the founder and director, executed his idea of E-learning to cater to a range of people with different learning needs. EAA’s method of teaching has revolutionized the way Bookkeeping is taught. It has resulted to faster delivery of curriculum and it has enhanced effective learning to fully equip students with a set of Entrepreneur and Payroll specialization skills. It can be finished within 8 months learning from home or anywhere one feels comfortable outside the traditional classroom set up.

Upon completion of the TESDA-accredited Online Bookkeeping Course, students will be given the National Certificate-level III (NC-III), once they pass the Bookkeeping exam. “We always keep up with trends especially when the internet is flourishing over the recent years,” said Mr. Culver Songalia. “There are full time professionals who are keen to learn Bookkeeping but because of their day jobs, it conflicts with our classes held during the day. Currently, we have students who are abroad in countries such as UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong and it has enabled them to wade through our Bookkeeping courses even when they are not in the same country. Thus, EAA provides online learning as a platform to give them this opportunity to access cost-effective, vast education from home.”

Entrepreneurs Accounting Academy upholds its mission and vision to be the partner for success in the new economy by providing courses that address the entrepreneur’s needs that leading to the realization of business goals in any dynamic organization. EAA aims to be the portal for qualified individuals who would be propagators of integrity, competence and professionalism in the industry that they are in.

About Entrepreneurs Accounting Academy

EAA, based in Makati, Philippines was founded in 2007. The company is an accounting school and business training center for people who would like to pursue a career accounting, finance and entrepreneurship. For more information, please visit eaa.edu.ph

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