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In-House Trainings

In-House / Onsite Trainings

EAA also provides in-house training to SME's and large corporations in the Philippines. From retail, banking, service, financial to manufacturing corporations. We can customize training that fits your organization's need to make it effective.

Tax, Finance & Accounting in-house training for employees

EAA has been providing in-house trainings for five years now, catering to SME's and large corporations in the Philippines. From retail, banking, service, financial to manufacturing corporations, We have been successfully imparted our knowledge to all types of employees who attend our trainings.

Because our instructors are experts in their own fields, they are able to deliver a learning experience that combines both knowledge and expertise to add real value to your organization.

From workshops for a small team to seminars for 30+ employees*, in-house training has something to suit all your requirements.

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Max number of participants: 20


In-house Training per day

Rate | Php48,000.00
Quantity | 20 participants | in excess of 20 pax Php2,500.00 per person
Inclusive of training hand-outs

Continuous Learning Packages

Rate | Php24,300.00 per month x 12 months
Quantity | 10-25 participants
Training per month | 1
No. of trainings to conduct | 12 Sessions

Training Development

Rate | Php45,800.00* per program (depends on the type of the training)

*Printing of training materials, food and venue are exclusive. *If held outside Metro Manila, transportation and accommodation expense will be billed.


Q: What are the courses available?
Click complete list of our Finance, Taxation, Logistics and Accounting training and seminars. We do also develop training related to Finance, Taxation, Logistics and Accounting topics.
Q: Do you offer volume training discounts?

Yes. Government and private sector volume training discount rates can be obtained in connection with a formal request for a training quotation.

Q: Who typically arranges for in-house courses?

There is no “typical” in-house “sponsor” for our courses. Points of contact range from Human Resource training groups, CIOs and Finance officers, to employee-contractor project teams.

Q: Where are your in-house courses presented?

CAnywhere in the Philippines. International engagements are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Who typically attends these courses?

Participants come from diverse backgrounds and with varying levels of expertise. A typical in-house course might include: both technical and business professionals with little or no background in the topic to “experts” seeking a refresher course.

Q: How large are the classes?

The standard class size is 10 to 25 participants, depending on the topic.

Q: I have read the course description; but, I’m still not sure if the course is right for our needs. Can I get additional information to help us decide?

Our training representatives and training presenters welcome your questions. Don’t hesitate to call us at (02) 576-4423 or 310-3857 with your questions or e-mail us at inquire@eaa.edu.ph. You will speak with a training specialist, not a salesperson! If the training is right for your organization we’ll say so; if it is not, we won’t hesitate to tell you. Also all our trainings are customizable and we could mix our available courses just to fit your needs.

Q:How much lead time do you need to schedule an on-site course?

You should anticipate a minimum of one month. Although large recurring clients often book dates six to eight months in advance, instructors are often available on shorter notice. On rare occasions, we have been able to accommodate schedule requests in as short as two-weeks.

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