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In-House Seminar

EAA is primarily a training institution for finance and accounting. Its thrust is to develop the technical accounting and financial competencies of employees in specific jobs. The institution offers various services in the field of finance and accounting trainings.

Tax, Finance & Accounting in-house training for employees

EAA has been providing in-house trainings for five years now, catering to SME’s and large corporations in the Philippines. From retail, banking, service, financial to manufacturing corporations, We have been successfully imparted our knowledge to all types of employees who attend our trainings.

Because our instructors are experts in their own fields, they are able to deliver a learning experience that combines both knowledge and expertise to add real value to your organization.

From workshops for a small team to seminars for 30+ employees*, in-house training has something to suit all your requirements.

Why Choose In-House?


Dates, time, and venue are flexible to suit your organization’s needs. No need to reschedule appointments, arrange for travel accommodations.


We tailor our modules to your learning interests and emphasize on the topics that it is deemed relevant to your organization


If you need to train a group of employees, in–house training can often save you money as compared with external training courses.


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