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Five things people really want from financial advisors

As a financial advisor, nothing is as important as understanding what your client wants from you. Here, you’ll be able to take a closer look at five things that people value most in a financial advisor.

  1. They want to be heard.

    This means that you have to be able to understand your potential client. As you do this, remember that you should be able to make them feel that you can relate to their struggles and empathize with them. Such gesture also goes a long way in letting them know that you really care about their future, wealth, as well as livelihood. Providing them with information on investments that reflect their personal values can also help give your clients the assurance that you recognize what is important to them.

  2. They want you to be appropriately proactive, not reactive.

    You shouldn’t be afraid to be constantly within reach of your clients. Sending them birthday greetings, an email about relevant updates, or checking in with them regularly can help bridge the communication gap and keep their investment in mind.

  3. They want someone who will guide and educate them.

    What’s crucial here is to remember that you have to keep things simple. Avoid using jargon or complex language as this may only intimidate your client. There are people who feel uncomfortable entrusting their finances to those who seem intimidating.

  4. They want an advisor who will respect their assets, regardless how small.

    There’s some misconception that you have to be a millionaire or generally be rich before someone should consider talking to a financial advisor. You have to be able to give clients the assurance that they don’t need to have a huge amount of money just to speak with you.

  5. They want someone who can help them solve their problems, not pitch products.

    This goes along with #1. If you get to understand your client’s current situation, then you will be at a better position to help solve their problem. Keep in mind that most people don’t want to hear a sales pitch or a product push, which means you don’t have to sell products themselves, but rather you “sell” the idea of saving for retirement, financial planning, or insurance.

What people usually want ultimately is a financial advisor who can assist them with integrity and honesty. They would also want someone they can talk to about reaching their financial goals, all while helping them crush their biggest fears on investment as you guide them to become more financially literate. The Purpose Driven Close can help you sustain strong relationships with your clients and enhance your technical skills as you gain a better understanding about meaningful financial advising under the guidance of multi-awarded financial advisor and business consultant Sarah S. Songalia.

June 19, 2019

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