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january, 2020

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What are the entry requirements?

Ability to communicate
Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations
High school graduate

How do i make a payment?

Deposit Payments
Banco de Oro – Savings Account,
Account Name: Entrepreneurs Accounting Academy
Account number 542-004-3182

For check payment: Entrepreneurs Accounting Academy

Online/Credit/Debit card payments please pay to paypal@eaa.edu.ph .Please note that there`s a charge of 3.4% + Php15.00 for domestic transaction

10th floor, Unit 1006 Rufino Plaza Bldg. Ayala Ave. Makati City

Tel. + 63 (2) 310 3857

Mobile. + 63 (2) 998-536-7379

Email: inquire@eaa.edu.ph

© EAA 2007. All rights reserved.


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