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FATT is developed specifically for key business decision makers who have no formal financial background or training. You’ll sit shoulder to shoulder with people just like you, the “movers and shakers” of your organizations. Lectures will be delivered in clear, easy to grasp terms by expert facilitators who are pros in conveying financial information in an understandable manner. 


Upon successful completion of this course, the participants are expected to be able to:

  • Scan any financial statement and zero in on the most valuable information
  • Back up your project proposals and staffing requests with solid numbers – and boost your chances of approval
  • Use business analysis techniques to determine the financial feasibility or success of any business situation
  • Accurately plan for revenues and growth, using solid business numbers
  • Spot indicators of financial distress – and understand your options for overcoming it
  • Gain support for your ideas and projects by presenting them in bottom-line terms
  • Head off costly mistakes by spotting questionable numbers and inaccuracies in financial documents
  • Get a crystal-clear picture of where your department, division or organization stands financially
  • Use ratio analysis formulas to determine whether a financial report is a good news or bad news – without having to take the bean counter’s word for it.
  • Make informed decisions by determining the relative degree of risk you’re taking
  • Recognize the opportunities – and problems – embedded within any financial report
  • Decode financial jargon to “talk numbers” confidently with financial professionals
  • Make recommendations with conviction in meetings using solid numbers to back up your statements
  • Boost your credibility as you become recognized as a person who understands “the number.”




Target Audience

  • Strategic decision makers
  • Non- Financial manager
  • Business Owner
  • Senior Executives
  • Key business unit managers
  • Other professionals who need to understand how to interpret the numbers that drive business

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  1. Good effort


    This is quite a good effort in a tough subject. However, there are may doubts which still remain.


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