Course Curriculum

I. Recognizing and Understanding Communication Styles
Definition of communication 00:00:00
Process and styles of communication 00:00:00
Assertive communication 00:00:00
II. Verbal Communication
What makes up verbal communication? 00:00:00
How to use verbal communication effectively 00:00:00
III. Non Verbal Communication
Defining nonverbal communication 00:00:00
Why is nonverbal communication effective? 00:00:00
Reading nonverbal cues 00:00:00
IV. Cultivating Conversational Skills
The importance of good conversational skills 00:00:00
Active listening 00:00:00
Be an engaging speaker 00:00:00
V. Group Communication
The basics of group dynamics 00:00:00
Group interaction and communication 00:00:00
How to be effective in groups 00:00:00
Miscommunication 00:00:00
VI. Barriers of Communication
Physical impairments to communication 00:00:00
Outside impediments to communication 00:00:00
Personality conflicts and communication 00:00:00
The downside of technology 00:00:00
VII. Disagreements and Conflicts
Is conflict always bad? 00:00:00
Avoiding conflict 00:00:00
Fostering healthy conflict 00:00:00
Conflict resolution 00:00:00
VIII. Negotiation
What is negotiation? 00:00:00
Compromise 00:00:00
Considering everyone’s needs 00:00:00
When negotiation fails 00:00:00
IX. Constructive Criticism
The critic – recipient relationship 00:00:00
Personal criticism 00:00:00
Offering criticism 00:00:00
Receiving criticism 00:00:00
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