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Course Curriculum

Part I
Withholding Taxes on Compensation 00:40:00
Local Business Taxes 00:30:00
Fringe Benefit Taxes 00:30:00
Penalties (and more importantly, how to avoid them) 00:40:00
What to do when issued a Letter of Authority LOA 00:40:00
Tax Reduction 00:30:00
Part II
Tax Calendar 01:10:00
BIR Forms 01:30:00
Ways of Tax Returns Filing and Payment 01:20:00
Part III
Corporate Income Tax 00:30:00
Fiscal Incentives Modernization 00:40:00
The new compensation tax table 00:20:00
The comparison between the new tax table and the amended tax table 00:30:00
The new tax rate on donor’s tax 00:20:00
New final tax rate on fringe benefits given to non-rank and file employees 00:20:00
The new 13th month pay and other benefits threshold 00:40:00
Income tax amendment on self-employed and/or professionals 00:20:00
Amendments on Income Tax of self-employed and/or professionals 00:40:00
Overview on Estate Taxes 00:30:00
The new tax rate on donor’s tax 00:20:00
The computation of donors and fringe benefit tax 00:40:00
Overview on Amended excise taxes 00:20:00
Documentary stamp tax 00:30:00
The amendments on VAT and thresholds 00:30:00
Changes in keeping books of accounts 00:30:00
Amended percentage taxes 00:20:00
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