In this seminar, we look at how an organization develops a motivating and rewarding incentive plan. Despite the widespread use of incentive pay, there is limited evidence about what factors influence its organization-wide, broad-based application. Research in incentives has focused on performance measures and pay-performance sensitivities but has largely ignored the “performance standard,” which generates important incentives whenever plan participants can influence the standard-setting process.


Why design a
compensation and benefit plan?

 Attract capable personnel

The best and brightest talents will be attracted
to the compensation and benefit plans you will provide them.


Foster good morale

Employees will have confidence and they will develop
a positive attitude when working.


Motivate employees to be competent

Employees will be driven to become more outstanding
in their work, and enhance their skills.


Provide opportunities for employees’ career growth

Employees are willing to achieve their desired goals
because of the career path set for them in the company. 


Offering incentives will have a big impact on employees

Rewarding employees and recognizing their efforts
can keep them happy and it will also boost productivity.

Target Audience

  • HR practioners
  • Administrative officers involved in compensation planning
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to know how to manage employee benefits

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  1. Good Concepts

    Good teaching effort by the instructor.

  2. Interesting Course

    Instructor is good in handling queries.

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